First Alice Cooper ruled the stage with his shock rock behaviour and anthems ruling the touring circuit throughout the 70s and beyond. Then he turned his attention to radio where he has hosted ‘Nights With Alice Cooper’ since 2004. Not content with that however Cooper’s next challenge was TV.

Cooper got his ‘lucky’ break in the UK with music television show ‘Never Mind The Buzzcocks’, which like Australia’s ‘Spicks and Specks’ or ‘RockWiz’ is a music panel game show which regularly features famous music identities. The show has been without a host for a number of years with guest musicians filling in the roll each week.

This week it was Alice Cooper’s turn, coinciding with the European leg of his world tour. It isn’t the first time the ageing rocker has been in front of the camera though, he’s got multiple film credits to his name including that famous cameo in Wayne’s World. More recently it was revealed that Tim Burton has hired the musician to appear in his new vampire film starring Johnny Depp.

Cooper was also just in Australia recently for a tour, although originally he was booked to perform the now-defunct Soundwave Revolution festival which fell over a few weeks before the scheduled dates. Unlike many other artists however Cooper assured fans he would still travel to the country and play more shows to make up for the festival.

You can watch Cooper’s foray on TV below.