It would be easy to dismiss Georgia Fair as another run-of-the-mill, “aw shucks” Aussie folk duo. Heck, they tick most of the boxes – youthful looks, vintage clothing and a catchy Big M commercial jingle (yep, this is those guys). The difference is that behind the cutesy facade is a depth of talent that burrows far further than most would suspect.

On the surface, All Through Winter seems the type of record you’d play to woo a prospective lover. Wistful arpeggios and minor keys dominate. Scratch a little deeper and you’ll find a craftsmanship that arises after a few spins. Guided by the hand of Bill Reynolds (Band of Horses), Georgia Fair’s debut is accessible yet has enough substance to provide fresh perspective on well trodden themes. From lost love (‘Blind’) to leaving familiar surroundings (‘My New Home’), main songwriter Jordan Wilson manages to avoid the cliché trap with his honesty and knack for writing within his means.

At such a young age,Wilson also seems deeply troubled by the passing of time, especially on the haunting – and aptly titled – ‘Time’. Although focused on, the theme is never overbearing enough to weigh the album down. Even when it seems it might, the duo is quick to chuck in an upbeat tune like first single ‘Where You Been?’ or the nostalgic ‘Remember Me’.

For those who prefer their music loud, fast and distorted, 2011 has been somewhat of a bitch. Quality Australian folk-rock artists are everywhere you turn, from Boy & Bear and Josh Pyke to the now defunct The Middle East. With All Through Winter, there should be no hesitations in adding Georgia Fair to that list.

– Paul Bonadio