If there’s one thing fans of the Amity Affliction love more than getting thrown around in a mosh pit and screaming their lungs out, it’s frothing over merch. From vinyl variants to black t-shirts with multiple references to the ocean emblazoned on them, lovers of the enduring post-hardcore legends are passionate collectors.

If your anchor tattoo isn’t quite enough to showcase your love for the band anymore, you can now cop an OG stage banner from way back in the day (2011).

A Facebook user by the name Michael Pilky White, is selling a massive 6000×6500 sized stage banner from the ‘Fuck The Reaper’ tour, that was in support of the release of scene-defining album Youngbloods.

The stage banner can be yours for a cool $500 so shoot through old Mikey a message when you’ve got the chance.

Youngbloods catapulted The Amity Affliction into the highest echelon of Australian heavy music after its release in 2011, featuring the huge hit singles I Hate Hartley and Anchors.

You can catch The Amity Affliction on the incredible Unify 2018 lineup, where they’ll be celebrating 15 years as a band.