Fans are aghast and her friends and family are shattered to learnt that Amy Winehouse’s home was robbed in the days after her death. What’s worse, it is believed that it was a friend or acquaintance of hers that had the light fingers. Her furious father Mitch believes that someone has taken master copies of unreleased tracks, lyric books and letters as well as one of her favourite guitars. They’re among items that her management can’t account for in her Camden Town house, which only around 20 people – including family, police and security – have had access to since her death.

The usual unnamed ‘source’ told London’s trashy tabloid The Sun that the family were shocked and sickened by the low act.  “This is such a sickening shock to the family. That someone would stoop so low. They can’t get their heads around it. Mitch is livid. The family, record label and management are months away from deciding what to do with any unreleased music.

For that to be taken out of their hands is horrible.” Winehouse’s home was declared a crime scene after her death last month aged 27. Her father at one stage handed out items of Amy’s clothing to fans mourning out the front of her home but has now been required to complete an inventory of her possessions. The missing items will already be worth  a fortune to collectors and will only appreciate in value as the years go by.