Amy Winehouse has broken her silence speaking to Greek mag SONIK  about her new healthy habits and reborn love for music.

“‘The newspaper headlines were vicious with me. I was going through hard times and they had no right to act like that.’

‘The first time during rehab I did drugs. I couldn’t eat. It was a bad time, But it’s over’.

‘My nan, Cynthia, helped me a lot, When I was thinking of what to call the label. I decided to call it Lioness, because of a necklace she’d given me. It was my way to honour her’.

‘The next album will probably be a little bit ska, definitely more captivating, I’m listening to a lot of 2-Tone and Shangri-La’s’.

With an additive like Ska, Winehouse can’t go wrong, or can she…..who cares, relive the greatness below: