London’s crack dealers must be facing a massive fall in profits with the news that Amy Winehouse is considering giving up the chaos of being Camden’s most famous dysfunctional crack addict, upping sticks and moving to the country. Winehouse’s favourite tabloid, London red top The Sun, quotes their usual unnamed ‘friend’ (who is often the celebrity in question speaking off the record to entertainment editor Gordon Smart) as saying Amy is getting broody and is considering having crack babies. The anonymous ‘source’ says that she wants to move to the country with boyfriend Reg Traviss and live the quiet life.

The ‘source’ says “She and Reg have talked about moving out of London and they want a big country home for their family including a large kitchen, rooms for friends to come and stay and a recording studio. She’ll always have a pad in the capital because that’s where her heart is but she wants the best start possible for her children.”  Admittedly, Winehouse is looking better than she has in years, now being merely skinny as opposed to a walking advertisement for anorexia and crack cocaine addiction treatment.

They attributed this to Amy’s new vice – cooking! “She spends her free time cooking hearty meals for her friends and family including chicken soups and pastas, feeding everyone up.”  Winehouse played her fist gigs in three years in January in Brazil, with footage of the shows showing that she has definitely put some meet on her bones. Check her out falling arse over tit on stage in Brazil