Yes, we know, the news that Amy Winehouse has put in a shambolic drunken performance yet again is hardly surprising, but what makes her latest effort so notable is just how shitfaced she was. Taking wasted to a new level, Winehouse ‘performed’ in the Serbian capital Belgrade over the weekend, in front of 20,000 dumbfounded fans at the city’s Kalemegdan Park, whose cheers quickly turned to jeers as they realised that her much publicised recent stint in rehab she’d stayed true to her word and said no, no no’.

A backing singer stepped in during her attempt to sing ‘Valerie’ as she at first slurred the lyrics and then appeared to forget them all together. Indeed that was probably one of the highlights of her performance as her backing band looked on in embarrassment, and fans who had paid €45 (which is a LOT of money in Serbia) were clearly displeased, with large sections of the crowd booing her.

Winehouse had just recently completed a stint in rehab and had reportedly played a secret show at London’s 100 Club last week which she undertook completely sober and had onlookers raving about the new sober Amy. Alas, it seems the wheels fell off prior to this date, the first of 12 shows on a European tour where hotel staff have apparently been instructed to remove all alcohol from the mini bar in her rooms, and her management had hoped she could get her career back on course.

However, based on the car crash fan footage below, it might be a case of back to rehab for her.