Deacon (Josh Dibb) from Animal Collective has been invited to play at the Festival In The Desert in Mali, but needs your donations to get there.

The festival organisers are unable to pay for him and he has turned to fans to help out.

The singer needs to raise $25,000 and you can help by going to so far he has raised $4000.

If you are one of the first people to pledge $20 or more, you will get a signed photograph of Dibb while he is on his African travels, awesome!

The festival is filled with local and international musicians and takes place in the middle of the Mali desert, about two hours from Timbuktu.

The festival¬†organizers¬†have warned punters that a guide is needed ‘as it can be difficult and potentially hazardous travelling alone without an expert guide or driver’

A new year a new adventure – and you think Meredith is tough.

Check out the Festival here