Really. Really? Really! Come on people, you would have thought that idiots with no experience would stop trying to start new festivals. Especially after the blood bath formerly known as 2011 and now know as Festivapocalypse.

But seriously, who didn’t see this one coming? A festival with the Vengaboys, Peter Combe, and Bleeding Knees Club, where punters were instructed to dress up as zombies for an ‘apocolyptic disco’. There aren’t enough hipsters in Australia for this one, let alone Newcastle where it was to be held.

Spotted by FasterLouder, the New Beginnings festival fell on their own sword on Friday when organisers posted on the festivals Facebook wall blaming, and we quote, ‘shocking ticket sales’.

“Hey guys. I am sorry to tell you that we have cancelled New Beginnings…” said the post. “It is a sad day for us here and we hope we don’t cause to much inconvenience for people planning on attending. Thank you to everyone involved to try and make it happen and all the acts.”

We questioned by fans as to why the festival was cancelled the organisers were surprisingly candid saying “Lack of ticket sales… shocking ticket sales actually… festivals are dying and we unfortunately have to follow so many other festivals and cancel…”

At the risk of sounding like a broken record here’s what we have this year as part of the Festivapocalypse: Stonefest, was downgraded in October from their full lineup ,Rewind 80s Festival also failed to take offSoundwave Revolution completely collapsed, the Great Southern Blues festival cut their losses, and Funk & Tunes Festival bit the dust.

Good Vibrations saw the writing on the wall early on and chose to bow out of the market for a while, but Big Day Out decided to take the gamble which didn’t pay off the way they may have hoped with events in Auckland, Adelaide, and Perth all being downgraded shortly after tickets went on sale. Mission To Launch also failed to launch with the festival collapsing due to ticket sales.

So there you have it. Moral of the story. You’re crazy if you want to start a festival. Especially one for hipsters.