Will there be no more good looking people on the dancefloor? That’s what Arctic Monkeys front man Alex Turner is suggesting, saying that he’s struggling to find inspiration for new songs.

He told our favourite trashy tabloid The Sun that he’s stuck in a rut. He said “It’s hard to do the old chip shop rock ‘n’ roll. After you’ve done it once, you don’t sort of hang around that many chippies any more. I think it’s natural, I couldn’t ever write about my surroundings in the same way as I did back then.”

The band are set to head downunder to headline the Falls Festival and play a string of sideshows, but it looks like they won’t be looking for some Aussie inspiration when they get soundchecking for their shows.

Turner reckon “I don’t really write on the road any more. We come up with a few ideas on soundchecks and that but I have written too many terrible lyrics touring around. As yet there is no plan to return to the studio next year, we’re keeping our heads down. We’ve always been thinking about the next move. For now we’re just focused on the touring.”

The writer of indie dancefloor hits such as ‘I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor’ will be here in December and January, and he’s also single now ladies, having recently split with TV presenter Alexa Chung, so now’s your chance to start plotting to win his heart and help him find some songwriting inspiration.

Doesn’t every girl want a rock star to write a song about her?