Warner Music has had a very public falling out with the Australian Army in the lead up to Anzac Day, with reports suggesting that military top brass and Warner Music came to blows over the use of the term ‘Digger’ in a new recording project. Apparently, the project was based on a successful formula derived in the UK, and was to see two Australian soldiers and one Kiwi soldier record songs that were a tribute to the defence forces.

Since starting in January, the project had always intended to use the ‘Diggers’ name. However, last week, the country’s military top brass – while hiding from the fallout from a sex scandal – decided that they were going to can the use of the term ‘Diggers’. Apparently, the Australian Army wants to go with the term ‘Soldiers’. Hence, with barely 10 days to go until ANZAC Day, Warner has been forced to scuttle the project which it was hoped would raise $1.5 million for veterans charity Legacy.

In a press release, Warner’s Vice President of Commercial Marketing, Gordon Maddock, said, “Having served in the Army myself previously, this project has been one I personally had a great passion for from conception, and I am absolutely devastated we have had to make this decision. The Diggers is a name that all Australians are brought up to admire and respect and to change it risks losing the project’s unique local flavour. In our view, to use the ‘Soldiers’ brand would be un-Australian. I will do everything possible to get this project back on track.”

Meanwhile, keep your eyes peeled for Tone Deaf’s Anzac Day Two Up night where we have a couple of the hottest bands in the country playing and you the punter gets to join us playing Two Up against the bar at Ding Dong Lounge in Melbourne.