After a very public falling out last week over a cash in album featuring several serving Australian Army soldiers it appears Warner Music has kissed and made up with the boys in Khaki, who no doubt wanted a good news story to take some of the heat off the very serious allegations of systematic abuse of Defence Recruits in recent weeks. The two warring parties came together to discuss performances at the Essendon/Collingwood AFL Anzac Day clash at the MCG and managed to come to a face saving agreement which will see a track ‘Coming Home’ performed at the game on Monday 25th of January and will be available to download the same day from Proceeds will go to Legacy.

The AFL issued a statement on behalf of Warners managing director Tony Harlow, saying “The AFL and the ANZAC day celebration match provided the energy that led us to re-enter talks with the Army. It soon became clear that everyone wanted this to happen and was prepared to work together. We are sorry for the misrepresentation of the situation in recent national press, and are grateful to the Australian Army for agreeing to reopen discussions”.

Awwwww ain’t it cute!