It looks like our politicians and bureaucrats aren’t all squares after all. In awesome news they’ve decided that they’re going to fund a biopic of iconic AC/DC legend Bon Scott! They’re going to be spending our tax dollars on something that just about every music fan in the world will be gagging to see if it’s done properly, and that’s a warts and all depiction of the life and career of the hard drinking, drug hoovering, womanising front man.

Screen Australia, the Commonwealth Government’s film development and funding organisation has given the green light on the development of a script and film about the AC/DC front man, who infamously choked to death on his own vomit while sleeping off a hard night of boozing in London in February 1980.

According to website Blabbermouth, Bon Scott will see director Eddie Martin and producer Lizzette Atkins team up together again to work on the film. They had previously worked together on another biopic, a feature-length doco entitled Lionel about Aboriginal boxer Lionel Rose.

Fans can expect a rollicking tale about Scott’s time with a number of Australian bands prior to joining AC/DC, who Angus Young infamously said of Scott’s recording of the classic ‘Highway To Hell’ with them  “One second he was there, you could see him in the booth then the next second he was down! The guys doing the recording kept asking Bon to do the line one more time, and every time he kept givin’ his all, but in between takes you could hear him drinkin’ down whiskey, (if you listen really close you can hear it on the album!) it was like: With a bullet in his back… Guzzle, guzzle, guzzle… With a bullet in his back… Guzzle guzzle guzzle. And finally on the last one (the one we used on the record) he just gave it everything he had and passed out, we all kinda went around and just seen him there on the floor”