Talk about an appetite for self-destruction. Axl Rose waited until the last minute to board a flight to Taipei to start a GUNS N’ ROSES tour that will take them through Asia this month with Canada and South America to follow next year.

At Los Angeles International Airport, Rose got into a scuffle with a paparazzo that ended up with a few bloodied participants. Even with Rose flying to Taiwan there is still concern about whether he will be in the mood to perform, a question that had been raised earlier in the week when the rest of the band flew to the gig without the singer.

Rose was leaving the flight to the last minute. The first show is meant to be tonight in Taipei.

Witnesses claim there were “bloodied participants” as a result of the fight but has not been confirmed if Axl Rose was one of them.

Guns `N Roses scheduled dates are:

December 11, Taipei, Taiwan
December 13, Seoul, Korea
December 16, Osaka, Japan
December 19, Tokyo, Japan

The band also has a 16-date Canadian tour scheduled to start on January 13.

In the meantime watch Axle pump out ‘Knocking on Heavens Door’ Live back at the Freddie Mercury Tribute: