If there was a nuclear disaster and the last people on earth, whose task it was to repopulate the world, were The Strokes and The Bedroom Philosopher (ignoring of course, the obvious gender issues here) we would have Ball Park Music.

Playing a sold out show at the East Brunswick Club, supported by Jungle Giants and North East Party House, Ball Park Music certainly know how to please their fans. Front man Sam Cromack’s contagious energy and constant on-stage antics manage to draw and maintain the focus of everyone in the room, whilst the rest of this musically talented set hold their own with a slightly more effortless, unpretentious ease. Ball Park Music certainly are a quirky and refreshing new addition to the Australian music scene.

Playing fan favorites such as ‘All I want is You’, ‘Alligator’ and ‘It’s Nice to be Alive’, the guys (and gal) almost had a flawless and fluid set list however the cover of the Marilyn Manson song ‘The Beautiful People’ created an abrupt, awkward moment right smack-bang in the middle of the show. Covers are hard, and perhaps this one should be left to Manson himself.

Any flaws in the musical execution over the course of the set were fast forgotten and indeed hardly noticed by the enamored crowd who were clearly Ball Park mad. Ball Park Music are great at what they do. They put on a fun, action packed show with band members (namely Sam Cromack and Brock Smith) jumping into the throngs of fans for a crowd surf and being oh-so ‘rockstar-esque’ even spiting water out into the audience. It was without doubt a fun night had by all who attended (except maybe the security guard).

For the encore the band come back on stage to rock out their hit single “IFLY”, with front man Cromack starting off the piece with a very well rehearsed and sweet “I fucking love you Melbourne. Thanks for coming out tonight” perhaps a perfect finish to the night. With a high party spirit all through the night, a Ball Park Music gig is a lot like the party you really should have gone to. Just finishing their National tour, keep an eye on their website for more shows in the future.

– Ilsa Melchiori