Aaaaarggggggh! Formed in the fiery pits of hell, somewhere between East Brunswick and Heidelberg, brave warriors came together to unleash destruction upon the pissy little cardigan clad indie bands of Thornbury and Northcote.

These helmeted warriors in leather codpieces and steel armour declared ‘we shall destroy you and your hipster lo-fi art projects, where you think you’re so good because you play to a circle jerk of your mates in a tiny pub on a Tuesday night’. ‘Aaaargghhh’, they said. ‘We are Barbariön, gods of true metal and destined to pillage and plunder your fake lensed, fixie riding existences by playing the true essence of rawk as directly handed to us from Valhalla by the great warrior Odin himself’.

And so it came that Tone Deaf was able to offer the band a human sacrifice of several Northcote hipster types we found on Brunswick Street and in return for this gift of appeasement, they agreed to headline Tone Deaf at the Ding Dong Lounge on Saturday February 12th. ‘Aaaaarggggh’, they cried – ‘you will get us the infamous buzz band, Bitter Sweet Kicks, our brothers in rock n’ roll destruction, as well as the complete and utter rock n’ roll pillaging and plundering of the Vice Grip Pussies!’

These just so happen to be three of our Hot Artist Picks for 2011, so we’re excited and just a little bit apprehensive about having this rock n’ roll behemoth headlining our Tone Deaf night. Get down early for $10 jugs before 10pm as we might need a bit of Dutch courage to face up to these beasts on stage. With the Tone Deaf crew busting out the best rawk, metal, indie and garage all evening, this one’s going to be brutal! \m/