On the eve of the release of her second album (following on from her debut album Pendulum), singer/songwriter Tara Simmons has released the single “Be Gone” as a taster. Unfortunately, it does nothing in relation to getting the listener either intrigued or excited to hear the upcoming long player.

“Be Gone” simply sounds like every other Australian singer/songwriter that has gone before her in the past two years or so. A dash of Sarah Blasko here, a pinch of Sally Seltmen there, with a little bit of Holly Throsby thrown in for good measure.

Based around an annoying electro pop beat, “Be Gone” outstays its welcome quite quickly. The listener will be wishing it was gone as well. The voice also strikes of a serious amount of pitch shifting and Auto Tune, which becomes tiresome and irritating very quickly here.

Th other track on this single, “Honey” starts off inoffensively enough, all tinkly piano and sooky sooky la la lyrics. However, some misplaced and unwelcome electronic beats make their presence felt and taint and destroy whatever mood has been created.

In short, “Be Gone” is a total waste of time. You’ve heard this electronic kind of pop before and you’ve heard it done a million times better than this.

– Neil Evans