In the Beastie Boy’s latest music video for Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win directed by Spike Jonze, plastic action figures filled in for the band throughout the video. Now you can own those action figures as they’re being released on a strictly limited basis.

The figures come in a set of three 11.5 inch dolls which all come with a swag of outfits and accessories. The toys aren’t cheap though, with the  whole package setting you back a cool $750. All of the proceeds will be going to charities that fight childhood cancer.

“To celebrate summer and renaissance all up across this fair piece, as well as the release of the video for ‘Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win,’ we are making a select few sets of our very own B-Boys action figures available for purchase,” the trio said of the release. “Yes! These are the very same dashing figures that you feast your eyes on in the video.

“These are some real limited edition, explicit, bottle service/ v.i.p. type items. And no, we are not trying to take you for all your Mozarell,” the group says.

Those interested in helping out a good cause (or just have to own the latest collectors item) can purchase the dolls from the Beastie Boys website.