Brisbane songstress Bec Plath is set to hit the road with new material following up from her 2009 release Unrequited. Bec had already made her mark on the Australian music scene as a part of the successful Brisbane outfit The Bloodpoets, who since forming in 2005 toured the country on their own headlining tours as well as supporting some of the biggest names in Australian music including, British India, The Whitlams, Katy Steele (Little Birdy), End of Fashion and The Panics.

When 4ZZZ compiled their Hot 100 of 2010, The Bloodpoets’ track ‘Dance’ came in at number three.  Bec was ramped it up to go one better, taking out the number two position with her most recent single release ‘At the End of the Night’ (which will appear on the EP ‘Nightfall’). She’s trekking down the East Coast next week, do yourself a favour and go check her out.

Thursday, July 21:                   Low 302, Sydney, NSW (18+)

FRIDAY, JULY 22:                   BUILDERS ARMS, MELBOURNE, VIC (18+)

Saturday, August 6:                   Beetle Bar, Brisbane, QLD (18+)

Friday, September 9:                  Pacific Hotel, Yamba, NSW (18+)