Geebus! The Tone Deaf crew have all been pulling sickies and forging doctors certificates after last weekend’s massive party and against medical advice, we’re gearing up to do it all again this Saturday 5th June.

Floating down from Sydney and arriving in a psychedelic haze of jangling guitars and swoon inducing harmonies are Belles Will Ring in their first Melbourne headline show in over a year!

Joining them on this huge bill will be the snaking folk drone of The Sand Pebbles and nuggets of garage soul from The Bowers, while new kids on the block Strangers From Now On, The Mohan Veena and psychedelic whizz kids The Kremlin Succession will be hitting the big stage with the doors opening early at 6pm. This will be one huge night and we take no responsibility for your attendance at work in following days – you know how Tone Deaf likes to party hard, don’t make us suffer next week on our own!

With entry just $12 for six bands our nights are selling out the Dong almost every weekend – for cheaper and guaranteed entry RSVP or get pre-sales from