Can you back it up three or even four nights in a row like the Tone Deaf crew and party right on through the Queen’s Birthday Weekend? After planning to cane it all weekend we realised that Monday was a holiday and that it wouldn’t seem right if we were sitting at home recovering when there was a whole day to do it the next day.

So we got in touch with arguably the three seediest bands in Melbourne and asked if their 24 hour party people wanted to come and play their ball tearing rock as we partied until dawn. St Kilda sleazemongers Bitter Sweet Kicks are heading in to the city to headline on the Ding Dong Stage, while backing them up as they knock the shots back will be the Vice Squad’s favourite raid targets, the throbbing swagger of the Vice Grip Pussies, Thrown in the unhinged rock n’ roll and tambourine maelstrom of Levons Crown and we’ve got a night of unrestrained rock n’ roll hooliganism to celebrate the public holiday.

Thrown in the Tone Deaf DJ crew playing sleazy rock n’ roll, metal and garage tunes, as well as cheap as fuck drinks, and you’ll be glad the next day that this is the last public holiday until November.