Bjork has called upon fans to hack in to her new iPad app album Biophilia in response to criticisms that it will only be available to fans on iPad, iPhone and iPad touch devices, precluding fans without those devices from legally obtaining the album. She told UK music website Drowned In Sound “I’m not supposed to say this, probably, but I’m trusting that the pirates out there won’t tie their hands behind their back.”

She says that although the album is supposed to be cutting edge and revolutionary, she also understands criticisms of it only being available on Apple’s devices. She says “Yeah, for sure, there’s definitely another polarity there, a conflict. The only solution for me was to somehow be some sort of a ‘Kofi Annan’ and try and make these two worlds speak to each other.”

However, the Icelandic diva doesn’t think that it will be long before touch screen devices are as widespread as mobile phones. She says “Yeah, I mean, I’ve been in Africa in the last few years, and Indonesia. There are people there who have cardboard houses but they have mobile phones. Everybody’s texting. It’s just a question of time before touch screens are cheap.” Biophilia is set to be released on label One Little Indian on September 27th, and will feature some of the most extensive music, visuals, clips and interactive functions on an album ever.