Iceland’s favourite squawking puffin has revealed details of her first new album in four years, which in true Icelandic diva fashion will be released as an ‘App.’ The first release since 2007’s Volta, the forthcoming album, entitled Biophilia, is a collaboration with Apple and is being billed as the world’s first ‘App Album’.

Directed by French film maker Michel Gondry, who also directed The White Stripes ‘Hardest Button To Button’ film clip; the multimedia project will comprise ‘micro apps’ contained within one ‘macro app’, and just to give it the ultimate 2011 touch – parts of it were recorded on an iPad. Each of the album tracks is set to have an accompanying app which will provide an interactive or visual element.

Björk Guðmundsdóttir’s seventh solo release is due for release in September and naturally a track from it has ‘leaked’ online. ‘Crystalline’ sees the usual schizophrenic electronica we’ve come to expect from her, along with layers of xylophone and glockenspiel on top of an undercurrent of glitchy drum machines and percussion, topped off with her unrivalled strangled cat yelp. It’s a positive teaser from the forthcoming album, which can’t help but improve on her last stinker of a long player.

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