Potty mouthed Atlanta punks The Black Lips are showing no sign of growing up, despite drinking champagne out of super producer Mark Ronson’s Grammy award. In one of the more unusual team ups in music of late, Ronson is producing their new album and it looks like they’ve been taking advantage of his hospitality.  Hitting a New York studio to work on their new album Arabia Mountain, the band were up to their usual hi-jinks.

“A couple of my friends invited me over to his house when they were house-sitting before I even met Mark,” singer-guitarist Cole Alexander revealed. “We were going through his Grammys and so my friend poured some champagne into the Grammy cup and we started drinking out of it. It was like the fountain of youth but the fountain of Grammy — like, I knew when I tasted out of there, I was going get me one of these, like, ‘We gotta work with this guy.'”

The band have also revealed that one of Ronson’s more unusual studio techniques involves pounding on slabs of raw meat. “It was actually innovated by a guy named Scott Walker of the Walker Twins, but it was Mark’s idea to incorporate ribs,” Alexander admitted. “If Mark needs a f—ing dead Mexican hooker by 4PM to have as a drum piece then Mark gets it — any equipment he needs, he gets.”