Blink-182 have gone back to basics for the new video to their lovely ballad, ‘Home Is Such A Lonely Place’, using camcorder footage to assemble a warm, honest portrait of people who lead a rather transient life, bouncing between tour and family life.

“The video for ‘Home is Such a Lonely Place’ was probably the easiest we’ve ever filmed”, Mark Hoppus explains.

“All we had to do was be ourselves at home with our family and friends, as we prepared to leave for tour. Consequently, it’s also our most personal and honest videos, and one of my favorites.”

It also unwittingly shows the divide between elder members Mark and Travis — who are the picture of domestic bliss in the video, captured hanging with their wives and families — and young gun Matt Shika, who spends quality time with his pack of dogs, and the warm hug of alcohol.

CheckĀ  it out, below.