While Tom DeLonge is signalling his intent to return to the band at some point, Blink-182 seem to be having no trouble writing music without him, as they’ve just announced a deluxe edition of 2016’s California that will include 12 new tracks – the first being today’s drop, ‘Parking Lot’.

Unsurprisingly it’s an anthem about the forgotten youth of suburbia wasting their nights roaming the streets of California, dripping with sentimentality for years past, although the hook can’t help but remind us of the parking-related sentiments of ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ – only with far more of a “fuck this place” sentiment behind it.

Still, it’s some of the better stuff we’ve heard from the current iteration of Blink, all chugging guitars and singalong harmonies with some typically impressive drum work from Barker. The rest of the tracks will drop on May 19th, including an acoustic version of album cut ‘Bored To Death’, so check out the tracklist below.

California Deluxe Edition

1. ‘Parking Lot’
2. ‘Misery’
3. ‘Good Old Days’
4. ‘Don’t Mean Anything’
5. ‘Hey I’m Sorry’
6. ‘Last Train Home’
7. ‘Wildfire’
8. ‘6/8’
9. ‘Long Lost Feeling’
10. ‘Bottom of the Ocean’
11. ‘Can’t Get You More Pregnant’
12. ‘Bored to Death’ (Acoustic)