It sure has been a busy time for Bon Iver lately! First the group is nominated for a number of Grammys, something lead Justin Vernon has spoken about critically saying “Everyone should go home, this is ridiculous. You should not be doing this. We should not be gathering in a big room and looking at each other and pretending this is important.”

His and the groups indie cred and views on selling out were then questioned by none other than Australian group The Avalanches (yeah, those guys that have been promising us a second record for over a decade), who accused Vernon of being a sell-out for appearing in an ad for whiskey. Weird, we know.

Now Pitchfork has uncovered a fitness video staring the enigmatic front man. For real, the video is shot in an infomercial/documentary style and tells the story of Vernon’s fitness regime and his relationship with his personal trainer, Jeff Rogers. In the video Vernon reveals that he has a back condition called sciatica and Rogers has been helping him to overcome his condition.

We’re not sure if this is for real or is a brilliantly executed parody but it’s funny nonetheless. Enjoy the video below!