Listening to Bon Jovi over and over would enough to send anyone crazy, let along the realisation that you’re wasting your life playing in some shitty cover band stuck in the dive bars of America. That realisation came to the guitarist of 80s throwback cover band Winters Mistress at a performance at a sparsely filled bar in bumfuck nowhere USA.

It seems that after molesting a few 80s rock classics earlier in the set when the singer wants to belt out a rendition of Bon Jovi’s ‘You Give Love A Bad Name’ it becomes all too much for the guitarist who in a moment of clarity decides to go out in a blaze of glory.

Decided that he’d rather destroy his equipment than play Bon Jovi one more time the guitarist walks up to the microphone as the lead singer starts to belt out the famous ‘Shot through the heart / and you’re to blame’ intro, and says ‘screw this band, I’m going solo’. He then turns his frustrations on his equipment channelling his rock brothers from The Clash as he does his best to emulate the famous over-the-shoulders guitar smash.

The rest of the band look around in disbelief not sure what to do next, as the clearly pissed off drummer throws his sticks in the direction the guitarist walked off stage. The crowd reacts with boos with one woman yelling ‘you’re a fucking asshole’ whilst another man yells ‘rock n roll’.

You can watch the hilarious footage of the incident below, immortalised forever thanks to Youtube. Also don’t forget to check out our slideshow of the biggest on stage meltdowns.