Phew! The dirty boys in the Tone Deaf party crew are scrubbing themselves up and putting on their best party threads because one of Sydney’s hottest and most acclaimed bands are hitting up Ding Dong this Saturday 31st July to give Melbourne’s boys a lesson in how to play some of the most adventurous and seductive rock n’ roll you’ll witness all year.  Bridezilla’s all girl line up (plus token boy) play some of the most mesmerising jazz-folk-pop noir this side of Surry Hills.

Joining them on a massive bill are the dark country thunder of Eagle & The Worm, the yearning West Coast folk pop of Jimmy Hawk, and the epic indie rock of San Fran Disco. Buttering us up for the night is the power pop punk attitude of Modular Lounge and the sonic dreamscapes of Borders.

Kicking the fun off with party starter $10 jugs before 10pm and the usual white knuckle thrill of the Tone Deaf DJ crew on the decks playing indie alternative psychedelic rock and garage pop anthems till the wee hours and if this isn’t shaping up to be a huge night by our usual ridiculous shenanigans then you need some new friends to hang out with.

Photo Credit Cara Stricker