There must be some seriously bad juju surrounding British hardcore band Bring Me The Horizon. Their current tour has been surrounded by violence and bad publicity, including frontman Oli Sykes being embroiled in a murder plot and audience members launching an attack on the band on stage.

Now Bring Me The Horizon have let out their frustration on audience members in Helsinki, Finland. The band were opening for Machine Head at the concert when it appears Sykes took exception to the comments of an audience member and launched himself into the crowd resulting in a full on brawl.

Guitarist Jona Weinhofen quickly followed his front man into the fracas and threw a few punches at the unsuspecting audience members before returning to stage.

Sykes also returned to the stage where he jumped up to the microphone telling the crowd “If you don’t like our band then fuck off. If you’ve got something to say to us then get the fuck up here and say it. Who’s got a problem with us? Got a problem? Come here.”

Although it is still unclear just what sparked the violence, Weinhofen won’t soon forget it as it appears he broke his hand during the altercation. Jumping on Twitter he posted of a photo of his severely swelled hand saying “Broke my hand… bummed! They make me sound like the bad guy haha. Talk shit, get hit”

You can see footage of the incident below. Don’t forget to check out our slideshow of fights between audience members and the band.