While we recently reported about the irresponsibly dangerous behaviour at Shannon Noll’s gig on Friday night, it seems as though rowdy and inappropriate behaviour isn’t isolated to one location, as Brisbane’s Crowbar have taken to Facebook to point out.

The Fortitude Valley venue played host to a show by Rockhampton’s Pandamic on Saturday night, only to have a couple of concertgoers break into the venue’s band room and vandalise a wall.

In a Facebook post prefaced with the warning “Dickhead alert”, Crowbar outlined the situation that transpired over the weekend. “We had a really great show on Saturday night with Pandamic,” the post began. “Unfortunately these idiots made their way into the band room with someone with access, smashed a hole in the wall and took a photo out the front of the venue with wall in hand.”

“This really sucks for the bands and for the venue as we have to call in trades to fix these holes when all we do is provide a safe and fun platform for bands and punters to enjoy a night out.”

The post also included a photo that the vandals inexplicably took outside the venue after committing the deed, with pieces of the band room wall in their hands. Thankfully though, it seems as though the venue has an idea of who the vandals are, but are giving them the opportunity to come clean of their own volition.

“We have your details,” the post concludes. “You have 24 hours to get in contact with us before we take further action.”

Pandamic also took to Facebook to call out the vandals and condemn their behaviour. “We had an amazing night with Crowbar on the weekend – only to find out someone had put a hole inside the band/green room wall,” their post reads.

“Damaging venues is NOT something that should be taken lightly and definitely isn’t what we’re about and we hope the guy/s pictured get in contact with the venue ASAP and have this resolved. RESPECT ALL VENUES”

Call us old fashioned, but when it comes to going out to gigs, we’d rather not leave the venues damaged with a hefty repair bill to take care of afterwards – it’s just a matter of basic decency and respect. Here’s hoping that the Crowbar get in contact with the vandals soon and are able to restore their band room to its former glory.