Just when you thought rock star couldn’t get any sleazier comes a report from the UK that Roxy Music frontman Brian Ferry has married not only a woman 37 years younger than him, but who also happens to be the ex-girlfriend of his son Isaac.

Yes you read that right, joining the ever growing list of sleazy old men who make your skin crawl Ferry married Amanda Sheppard in a ceremony at a luxury beach resort on an island in the Caribbean earlier this week according to The Telegraph.

A spokesman for the star said it was a “simple, private ceremony”, although we’re not sure if his son Isaac attended what would have no doubt been an awkward ceremony. When asked about the age difference, Ferry remarked that “You never meet people your own age who aren’t married. Unless they are divorcees knocking about, that sort of thing.”

To make matters worse he also hasn’t ruled out having children with Miss Sheppard, a fashion PR and party organiser, saying only “Oh, I never feel comfortable predicting the future.”

In April last year Ferry suffered a heart scare that landed him in hospital but he has since recovered and has spent the last year touring his new solo work, Olympia, which he released back in 2010.

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