Over the last few months, Buried Feather have begun scratching a name for themselves among Melbourne’s current crop of psych bands. With their dark, hypnotic groove drawing comparison to both the drone’n’roll of the Black Angels and the wah-heavy sludge of Dead Meadow, the freshly minted four-piece are about to put out a collection of tunes that should have the paisley-shirted kids lifting their beers in appreciation.

Intended as a document of their live sound, the Buried Feather EP was recorded at the band’s rehearsal space with minimal overdubs. On “Magnetize”, reverb-drenched vocals fight for air in a murky mix of fuzzed guitars and swirling organ. The tone is somber – both sonically and lyrically – until a major-chord breakdown allows some sunshine to penetrate the gloom. From there, the tribal drone of “Distant Drums” and the driving guitar freak-out “Fuzz Warr” offer alternative paths to where the band could move in the future.

Buried Feather launch their EP at Cherry Bar on Friday 9th July with support from the Thod and Cordyceps. Prepare for a heavy trip.