Having just released their debut album In Your Room and a slot at the Peats Ridge Festival over this New Years Eve suggests that things are going well for Sydney trio Cameras.

With LA weekly describing the band as “tinted with New Romanticism, other times baroque pop and on rare but welcome moments, surf rock. It’s both vampiric and faerie-like, and Cameras have the ability to translate these polar qualities into gorgeous musical notes and chord progressions.”

The band have gained live experience touring with musicians such as Roxy Music and playing festivals such as the Big Day Out, Creative Sydney Festival at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Southbound, One Movement, and Playground Weekender Festivals, their live set is sure to entertain.

Cameras ‘In Your Room’ Australian tour November / December 2011

Fri 2 Dec @ Revolver Upstairs, Melbourne

Sat 3 Dec @ The Bended Elbow, Geelong

Sat 10th Dec @ Woodland Bar, Brisbane