Camp Cope have extended their campaign against abuse and assault at gigs a little further this evening, as they’ve officially teamed up with Laneway Festival to promote safer spaces for music-goers.

In their new clip below for their ItTakesOne series, the band announce their partnership with the festival, joined by a couple of other familiar faces in Julia Jacklin and GL’s Ella Thompson who also want to see violence, abuse and sexual assault stamped out – starting with live music.

A previous video enlisted the help of Courtney Barnett, Jen Cloher, Frenzal Rhomb and more, following a particularly bad spate of gig-related violence and assaults in 2016, something Laneway’s crew are committed to avoiding at their events.

The festival has a dedicated phone line set up to help anyone feeling unsafe, or anyone who witnesses something that may be making others feel unsafe – all you need to do is dial 1800 LANEWAY.

The best result of all would be for people to avoid the behaviour in the first place, and the first step is to create an environment in which it simply isn’t tolerated, something the ItTakesOne campaign hopes to promote through awareness.

As Julia Jacklin puts it in the clip below, “Don’t bring the bullshit inside – just be a good person.”