The footy is gearing up for another season with the pre-season NAB Cup kicking off proceedings tonight. Joining the competition this year for the first time will the Greater Western Sydney Giants taking Australia’s national sport to 18 teams.

The team won’t be officially unveiled until tomorrow night when they play their NAB Cup match against Collingwood at their new home ground, Blacktown International Sportspark, the culmination of months of hard work getting the team ready.

Part of that process was of course to come up with a theme song, something every team would be wary of given the utterly embarrassing attempt at a contemporary theme song from the Fremantle Dockers and their ‘Freo Heave Ho’ disaster.

The Dockers had commissioned Perth locals Eskimo Joe to come up with a replacement for their original theme song but the decision was left to the public who decided to vote against it.

Deciding to steer well clear of the Fremantle effort, The Giants commissioned Melbourne songwriter Harry Angus from The Cat Empire with the specific aim of creating a song that sounded decided old, like some of the original clubs still have.

“I started to become interested in this idea that there exists an entirely different genre of music that is the old classic football song,” Angus said. “It got me thinking about how easy it could be to make a new song sound old.”

“I began to research where some of these old classic songs had come from,” he continued. “To understand the mindset of the old captains and players who created these pieces of music. It became clear that the beauty of these great songs is their simplicity.”

Have a listen to the new song below and let us know what you think. Also, don’t forget to check out our slideshow of the worst halftime entertainment in sport.