“There’s a man on the street who’s got nothing to eat, and he asks you for a hand…” begins the first song Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger ever wrote, before unraveling into a tale of average Joes, guardian angles, and making our problems history – together.

Revealed on CBC Radio’s q program, the track was apparently Kroeger’s start in music, written all the way back when he was 16. Honestly, not to get stuck into Chad because it’s just the done thing, but the lyrics do have more than a hint of The Office’s David Brent about them in their triteness, but I suppose I’ve heard worse.

No word on when Chad made the jump from this one to gems including “I like your pants around your feet”, but you can check out the untitled composition (which I’d say has a 110% chance of being called ‘Guardian Angel’) in all its raspy glory below.