Music can do some pretty crazy things to you, and seeing your favourite band in the flesh sometimes sends fans a little batty. Exhibit A, crazy fan in New York at record release show for locals Chairlift.

The Brooklyn-based band were halfway through their set during the song ‘I Belong In Your Arms’, when a fan climbs on stage and approaches lead singer Caroline Polacheck. Polacheck puts up with the intruder until she attempts to hamonize with her. Clearly annoyed, Polacheck pushes the over-excited fan away but that doesn’t seem to have much of an impact.

Polacheck then walks up to the fan and says something to her before a member of the crew comes out to rescue the singer, attempting to drag the fan away. But the fan will have none of it and struggles free, crawling on all fours back to Polacheck who protects herself by putting her arm on the fans neck and pushing her backwards.

Impressively neither Polacheck or the band seem to skip a beat and eventually other members of the crew and security come out and manage to drag the fan off stage. The audience immediately breaks into loud applause as the unwanted distraction is removed from the venue for good.

Reflecting on the incident later on the band jumped on Twitter and posted the following:

You can see a Youtube video of the incident below. Let’s hope that fans at Laneway Festival where Chairlift are currently playing around the country are better behaved.