It’s something that’s becoming increasingly more common these days, but the chances are good that if you go to a large number of concerts, you’re more than likely to run into one that features a sign language interpreter up the front for the benefit of any deaf or hard of hearing fans. While musicians such as Ben Folds have done it for a while, and comedians have done it for a very long time, Chance The Rapper is the newest musician to help out any hard of hearing fans.

Previously, many artists may have been provided with a sign language interpreter by the venue prior to their performance, and as such, may not be familiar with the music and lyrics being performed by the musician. However, as The Fader reports, Chance The Rapper is making history by being the first musician to organise their own interpreters, rather then having one provided, indicating that these interpreters will undoubtedly be prepared for the rapper’s brilliant lyrics.

Chance has reportedly hired interpreters from DEAFinitely Dope, which is described as an organisation that aims to positively change “the way you experience hip-hop and R&B through sign language.”

In a video posted to the DEAFinitely Dope Facebook page, Chance encourages any of his fans to attend the show, stating “if you know anyone that’s deaf or hard-of-hearing please invite them to the show. We just want to turn up.” While many may deride the idea of hard of hearing music fans attending a concert, we just view this as further proof that Chance The Rapper is one of the most wholesome, inclusive, and thoughtful rappers in the game right now.