Not that Charlie Sheen needs to make any more headlines – or perhaps just because he’s enjoying being ubiquitous in pop culture – but he’s crashed on to the front pages again. This time it’s because he’s announced that his collaboration with Snoop Dogg, (which many readers thought was us running an April Fool’s Day story) was set to be released in the US last night. Entitled – what else? – ‘Winning’, the song is a collaboration between Sheen and original gangster Snoop Doog, and former Korn guitarist Robert Patterson.

Patterson, who has been accompanying Sheen on his hit My Violent Torpedo of Truth tour and composed the music used in it revealed that Sheen had recorded it with his collaborators in his home studio on the eve of leaving for the tour. However, Patterson doesn’t want people to take the song too seriously. He cautions “Look, it’s a good song. But I honestly don’t want people to take it seriously. It’s meant to be fun and entertaining.

Sheen’s self promotion of the single has indeed been fun and entertaining, with his Twitter updates exclaiming “Snoop is a warlock. He came in and nailed it in a couple of hours.” Patterson confirmed that it only took tha Doggfather two hours to lay down the dope beats and tap out the rhymes on his Blackberry. “He arrived at 9 p.m. and was out by 11 p.m.,” Patterson revealed. “We were all shocked by how quickly and how professionally he was able to just bang it out.” Sheen himself is definitely pumped to release the single saying on Twitter “Get ready to rock the Sheenius.”

He’s confident that the song will be a hit, saying “People will love the song. Who doesn’t like to be winning?” Have a listen to it below and let us know what you think