If you’ve ever watched Cops, you’ve undoubtedly seen some pretty crazy footage of folks being arrested, sometimes while doing ridiculous things such as singing, dancing, or just y’know, swearing uncontrollably. Lately though, a video of a man singing a Pearl Jam while being arrested has become a huge Internet sensation.

As NME reports, the unidentified man had his arrest filmed for the US television show Live PD, which, like Cops, follows police officers as they do their duty. During his arrest, he asked the arresting officers one simple question; “You guys want to hear a song?” Almost instantly, he begins to belt out a rendition of Pearl Jam’s ‘Even Flow’, from their 1991 record Ten.

“That’s called Pearl Jam,” he started to explain to the officers. “Did you ever see Pearl Jam, live? He’s the baddest motherfucker,” he added, making it seem like he’s not sure whether or not Pearl Jam is a band or a solo artist. “He’s my religion,” he continued.

Soon enough though, he urges the arresting officers to ‘tear down’ his shirt so that they can see his Pearl Jam tattoos, before adding how much he loves Eddie Vedder, indicating that he’s aware Pearl Jam isn’t just the name of a solo artist. He then goes on to talk about how he’s seen the band in concert, before espousing his love of the Pearl Jam song ‘I Got Id’, referring to it by its ‘proper’ name, ‘I Got Shit’.

While we’re not sure what the bloke was actually arrested for, we’re pretty certain that it wasn’t for a lack of enthusiasm. Needless to say, he probably provided the soundtrack for the ensuing drive to the station, whether the officers wanted him to or not.

Check out the footage below.