Some of Melbourne’s biggest rock pigs are going to be seen in daylight for possibly the first time ever. For the first time ever Cherry Bar in AC/DC Lane Melbourne is opening up on Sunday arvos. Kicking off next weekend Sunday 4 September (and on the first Sunday of every month until Summer when it goes weekly) Cherryis launching CHERRY BLUES – MAX’S SUNDAY SESSIONS, which will showcasethe best local Blues acts.

Melbourne rock icon and institution Maxwell Von Crawddady has been DJing at Cherry for a decade on Friday nights, but has been hankering to express his true passion for Blues through a focused Blues day/night at the legendary Cherry Bar. Now he has this chance and is curating CHERRY BLUES – MAX’s SUNDAY SESSIONS.

With free entry, doors open at 2pm and bands will be playing play three sets from 3pm onwards with Max DJing in-between. They’re chucking a barbie in AC/DC Lane and a they’ll be encouraging a family-friendly lazy boozy cruisy atmosphere.

Cherry Bar co-owner and Melbourne rock n’ roll identity James Young says, “Already Cherry books well over 500 local acts a year. But we haven’t really done enough for the vibrant blues scene, which is wrong because rock n roll came from the blues after all. So, this is another way for us to support the local scene by giving a great opportunity to quality local bands to play at an established venue, in AC/DC Lane no less. And besides, we owe Big Maxy!”

Now you can leave Cherry at 5am after a huge Saturday night and be back for the hair-of-the-dog at Cherry at 2pm. Weekend sorted.

Kicking off Sunday 4th September, they’ve already got a stellar lineup locked in. Check it out!

Starts Sunday 4 September:          Cold Snap

Sunday 2 October:                            Dream Boogie

Sunday 6 November:                       Collard, Greens & Gravy