Coldplay, a band known for their support of charitable causes, have never been shy to give back to those who have supported them in their career. Now, the band has taken the opportunity to write and perform a song for the victims of Texas’ Hurricane Harvey, playing the song for the first and last time at their Miami concert in Florida Monday night.

AsĀ CNN reports, Coldplay were forced to cancel their show in Houston, Texas on Friday night, due to the threat of Hurricane Harvey, which has currently claimed 33 lives.

Taking to Facebook at the time, the band shared the disappointing news to fans: “We really wanted to play tonight, but sitting here all together watching the news about the storm we feel that we can’t ask anyone to put their safety at risk.”

On Monday night, the group took the stage at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium, the next show of the tour, with their Houston fans still clearly on their mind. As part of their final run of songs for the night, frontman Chris Martin announced the band were set to play a new acoustic song for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

“This is because we all grew up loving country music, and of course that’s kind of what we think of when we go to Texas,” Chris Martin said. “This is a new song and we’ll never play this again. It’s a one-off and it’s called ‘Houston.'”

Martin also added that the band hoped to reschedule their cancelled show in Houston for those fans, before launching into a country-tinged acoustic number that shows the band’s clear love and support for the embattled city.

While it’s not clear if the band would ever record the song and release it as a charitable single, we wouldn’t put it past them considering their track record of charitable singles and aiding in large-scale events such as that in Houston right now.

Check out some fan-shot footage of ‘Houston’ below,