A country music gig in rural Victoria has ended in tragedy overnight, with police announcing that a concertgoer has passed away following a brawl outside the venue.

As The Herald Sun reports, three men have been arrested following a pub brawl which resulted in the death of a man in Eildon, Victoria, approximately 140km north-east of Melbourne.

In a statement from Victorian police, it has been noted that the brawl reportedly erupted just before midnight at the front of the Eildon Holiday Resort. One of the men involved in the fight reportedly fell after being struck, hitting his head on the ground. Police say that paramedics worked to save the man, but he tragically passed away at the scene.

Earlier in the evening, punters had been attending a gig in the same venue by Melbourne country group Ruckus.

Michael Scanlan, a reporter for 7 News Melbourne, took to Twitter earlier to share an image of the aftermath of the brawl, showing the outside of the Eildon Holiday Resort this morning. Scanlan also noted the presence of a pool cue in the car park of the venue, but without confirmation from Victorian police, it is not known whether this was used as a weapon by one of the men involved in the brawl, or if its presence is a result of an unrelated event.

Police are currently seeking information from any witnesses who may be able to help in their investigation, so if you feel that you may be able to help, be sure to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, or by visiting their website.