It’s been long enough, surely – we want a proper replacement for our last big touring fest for punks and metal heads, Soundwave, and it seems we’re not alone.

In fact, Slipknot’s Corey Taylor has revealed his ideas for bringing the band’s own event Knotfest to our shores to fill the “vacuum” left not only by Soundwave, but also other beloved fests like Big Day Out.

“It’s kind of on the backburner right now but yeah, it’s still something that’s kicking around, yeah,” Taylor has said to The Music in an interview today. “Especially with the loss of Soundwave, Big Day Out, it feels like there’s kind of a vacuum right now.”

Apparently the main thing stopping the festival from coming over sooner was the presence of those two big competitors, with Taylor explaining that Knotfest didn’t want to butt in on a then-successful formula.

“Because there were so many festivals and everything, we didn’t really wanna step on anyone’s toes out of respect. But now that there’s kind of a void, maybe, we’ll see.

“We’d definitely love to bring it down here,” he adds. “You guys are some of the best fans on the planet, so the fact there’s no rock and punk and metal festival is fucking criminal. I am working on it.”

The last time an artist tried to enter that vacant space was the unfortunate Legion Festival, run by Devil You Know drummer John Sankey, which never managed to get off the ground. We imagine that Corey & Co might just be able to fare a little better though, so fingers crossed.