Ever the multitasker, Billy Corgan has found time in between Smashing Pumpkins commitments to delve into his spiritual side. The Pumpkins website reports that Corgan has launched a new site called Everything From Here to There.

Here’s how Corgan describes the site: “This is not a place of judgement, nor a place of making proof. We begin with the idea that there is a God. We begin with the undying belief that there is a unifying intelligence that manifests itself in every-thing.”

The new site appears to be something like a religious blog for Corgan and various guest writers. On the site itself, Corgan writes that “The purpose of this website is to discuss openly and without fear concepts of Mind-Body-Soul integration,” and he makes sure to point out that the site isn’t intended to promote any particular religion and that he respects all faiths. Also: “Mind-Body-Soul integration is the primary focus of this site, and how it can best manifest in our daily life.”

So if you’re at home analysing Pumpkins lyrics for the meaning of life, check out the site for some less cryptic answers.

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