“John Zimmerman, you are pathetic and I hate you. I hate everything about you and I hate what you have done to me,” read one of Zimmerman’s victims to the court as the case against the former band tour manager continues.

Earlier in the week Zimmerman pleaded guilty to 87 offences including rape, sexual penetration of a child, indecent acts, possessing and making child pornography, stalking, and using a carriage service to harass, procure or groom a child for sexual acts.

According to the Herald Sun, Zimmerman used his proximity to a popular Australian band, promising his victims free tickets to gigs and backstage passes to meet the band in return for sexual favours. His victims ranged in age from 13 to 17.

“John Zimmerman is a disgusting, revolting paedophile, he does not deserve to see the light of day,” his victim continued. “At the time of the incident I was a very young impressionable girl. All I wanted to do was see my favourite band play.” The victim also revealed to the court that Zimmerman had taken her virginity and made her hate herself.

“He has something evil growing inside him,” she said. “I want him to feel the same way he made me and so many other girls feel – powerless, angry, depressed, used and dirty.”

Zimmerman’s barrister Julie Sutherland told the court that he client has “became addicted to the cult of young female adulation but more importantly he became addicted to the cult of celebrity,” and was repentant for his actions.

Zimmerman has penned a letter that she read to the court saying “No one deserves to ever go through this situation I have put you all in and it hurts me to think the emotions that you and your family are going through. I’m sorry for hurting you and your family and I cannot express that enough.”

Prosecutors have asked the Zimmerman be jailed for 20 years for his crimes, however Ms Sutherland has called on the judge to be lenient due to his guilty plea and his age. According to her Zimmerman is having a hard time in prison because he is in protective custody with two murderers.

The case continues today.