She really is the gift that just keeps on giving. Courtney Love is making headlines again after an interview backstage at the infamous concert in Brazil last week has aired where she admits to credit card fraud and explains her hate for Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic.

Talking to the reporter after the incident where she walked off stage in an expletive filled rant after a fan held up a picture of her late husband Kurt Cobain, Love says “When people come to me and say, ‘I love Nirvana.’ I wasn’t in Nirvana. However, I do own Nirvana … with my daughter and because of tax laws I have to give money to his sister, Kim Cobain, and [Kurt’s mother] Wendy Cobain,”

Love also explains why she dragged Cobain’s former bandmate and Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl into the mix saying “What I was saying, is Dave [Grohl] makes $5 million a show, he doesn’t need the money. His mother’s a banker, his father’s a stock broker and he’s making $5 million a show. Why the f**k then does he have a Nivana Inc. credit card and I don’t? And last week he bought and Aston Martin on it,”

How does Love know that Grohl bought an Aston Martin? Because she rang up American Express and told them he had died in a horrible plane crash and that she wanted all the records for the Nirvana Inc. cards. “If it’s a fan, at a bank or whatever, I’ll get information” she said. “If it’s like, a mean black lady, I’m not getting the information.”

“My sister-in-law is homeless, she lives under the bridge that Kurt sang about. It pisses me off that my mother-in-law- doesn’t have a front door in the winter, her boiler doesn’t work and she has black mold, and Dave bought an Aston Martin last week.”

But her bashing didn’t end there, she also claimed the Grohl didn’t write a single note or even the drum riff on Nirvana’s seminal single ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’.

You can watch both interviews below. For the MTV video skip through to 13:40.