Ladies, we all know what you have wanted to know and fantasised about (ok, some of you gents as well) but it has literally come from the horse’s mouth (geddit????), Courtney Love, that her deceased husband Kurt Cobain was errr, hung like a horse. Well, it’s a bit late to get the measuring tape out now, but according to Love, his old feller wasn’t short of packaging in the meat department. Indeed, it seems he took no quarter with his meat sword, smiting all ladies that came before it.

In a new interview, in which she was asked if Brad Pitt was capable of playing her late husband in a biopic. Love was adamant about the drill bit sixe of the Nirvana front man. She said “Kurt had more presence and more beauty than Brad Pitt. He was a leader, he was strong, in fact he was well fucking hung, if you really want to know.”

While many fans will be quivering in feelings of inadequacy, Courtney has also revealed that Kurt wasn’t the anti-major label rebel that many of his fans thought of him. Rather, she says that he wanted to make shitloads of money. She says  that when he was talking to a lawyer who was aiming to get him out of his SubPop record contract so he could sign for gazillions to Geffen, she says he said to lawyer Alan Mintz, “Get me off this label—I want to sell millions of records.”

His former band mate, Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl has confirmed that Cobain was hungry for a massive record deal, saying that while he was meeting with major record labels in New York, he was saying “We want to be the biggest band in the world.”