Courtney Love just won’t learn to keep her mouth shut – or at least stay away from her Twitter page. She’s got herself in trouble again through her Twitter page over comments she made about a lawyer she had engaged to chase money allegedly stolen from her late husband Kurt Cobain’s estate.

Lawyers representing Rhonda Holmes, a partner at the San Diego law firm which had represented Love from December 2008 to March 2009, state that Holmes had asked that Love refrain from “any and all substance abuse”. That was too much of an ask for Love, and she allegedly fired the firm as a result, before she returned to them some months later, asking them to represent her again.

The firm declined, and she then reportedly accused them of taking a bribe, sawing on Twitter,”I was fucking devastated (sic) when Rhonda J Holmes Esq of San Diego was bought off […]” The law firm also cites an interview Love gave in July 2010 which they quote from. “”I’ve been hiring and firing lawyers to help me with this.” She goes on to tell of a female attorney who has since stopped taking her calls because “they got to her” after she mentioned something to Page 6 of the New York Post. “She’s disappeared.”

Holmes’ lawsuit is pursuing claims of libel, false light invasion of privacy and intentional interference with a prospective economic advantage. It argues that Love’s statements infer that Holmes had been brought off or bribed, and Love’s profile as a celebrity had seriously damaged her legal career. It’s not long since Love was forced to settle out of court with a fashion designer for $430,000 in a dispute over an unpaid bill for designer clothing.